Help! Our Children Are Overweight!

Help! Our Children Are Overweight!

Frank Longo


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Like many parents in this country, my wife and I were confronted with the fact that our child had a weight management problem. Both my child's pediatrician and school nurse advised us on several occasions of their concerns about my child's weight, yet neither provided us with the guidance, education, or access to medical programs that would help us address our child's health problem.While not a healthcare clinician, I began to thoroughly research the topic of childhood obesity and weight management by studying various childhood weight management books and programs in order to obtain the necessary knowledge base to develop and implement an action plan to begin to address our child's weight problem.This experience revealed to me that there are not enough resource books readily available for parents that provide the basic information to begin to effectively address a child's weight management problem. Many parents would benefit from reading books addressing weight management specifically from the parents' point of view, with basic information, educational resources, and recommendations to immediately begin to help address their child's weight management problem.This book is the culmination of many hours of reading, research, development, planning, and implementing the necessary steps to assist my family in addressing our child's weight problem. It is written from the perspective of and for a parent of a child with a weight problem, and more importantly attempts to provide a parent with the necessary basic nutritional information to create a positive environment to be successful in beginning to manage and address a child's weight management problem.