Wow, Look What I Did

Wow, Look What I Did

Marilyn Buchanan


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The stories in this book are about not giving up and sharing with others. You can do anything you want if you are willing to put in the hard work. The characters in this book are willing to do what they must to get it right. Sharing is just fine. The more you share, the more God will bless you. When people share, that is letting other people know you are not selfish, and you don't mind sharing. If you don't know something, ask someone to help or show you what to do. You will never learn if you do not ask, so push your pride aside and ask. If someone asks you to help them or to show them something they do not know how to do, help them. Plus, you will get your blessings from God. Just like the characters in this book who learn practice makes perfect and sharing isn't bad, the more you help people, the more you get out of life. When you ask for help, that lets people know you want to learn. Never be afraid to ask for help or to help someone. If you have a little sister or brother, show them how to tie their shoes or even share with someone who doesn't have enough. Believe me, you will feel so good. You will make their day. If you have a sandwich and someone with you doesn't, let them have some of yours. If a friend of your does not know how to do something, show them how. You might just make a friend for life; you never know.