The Ayurveda Solution to Type 2 Diabetes

The Ayurveda Solution to Type 2 Diabetes

A Clinically Proven Program to Balance Blood Sugar in 12 Weeks

Jackie Christensen, Pat Crocker


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CATEGORY: Health & Wellness/Alternative Medicine/Natural Health/Ayurvedic Diet/Diabetes/Cooking

AUDIENCE: EVERYONE with Type 2 Diabetes, on the verge of being diagnosed or looking to avoid through a healthy, alternative, holistic method & diet; adherents to the Ayurvedic Diet.


  • The # of people suffereing from Type 2 Diabetes continues to grow at a rapid clip, and in the time of Covid-19, it is an EVEN MORE deadly disease.
  • Affordable, readily available natural therapies that have worked for thousands of years to treat today’s T2D, in a simple-to-follow 12-week program.
  • The perfect guidebook to help people navigate and understand the implications of T2D from the Ayurvedic perspective
  • Ayurveda therapy/diet/lifestyle is a rapidly growing category in alternative health in the USA & around the world > it is HOT in bookstore health sections as well!
  • 60+ Delicious Recipes from Award Winning Cookbook author Pat Crocker.
  • Newsmax Magazine will feature book/author in April & 2021 issues

NOTE: Dr Christensen has appeared on the highly rated PBS program American Health Journal which reaches as many as 100M viewers, and she is a contributor to, a website with over 267,000 followers. And Pat Crocker is a regular contributor to food and garden magazines, and her interviews and articles have appeared in national magazines and newspapers in the U.S. and Canada. She frequently speaks at international and national association conferences, gives workshops, and creates video content for her website and as supplementary visuals for her recipes.


The Ayurvedic diet is a meal plan based on the principles of Ayurvedic medicine, a form of traditional medicine dating back thousands of years to India. The diet involves eating or restricting certain foods based on your dosha, or body type, which is claimed to boost weight loss and support mindfulness.

  • By the year 2035 the preventable healthcare burden of Type 2 Diabetes is projected to affect a whopping 592 million people
  • Ayurveda is an ancient health care tradition that has been practiced for at least 5000 years. 
  • Ayurveda, the traditional healthcare system from India, has proliferated throughout the world.
  • The global Ayurveda market was valued at $4.5 billion in 2017 and expects to reach $14.9 billion by 2026, at a continual annual growth rate of 16.14%.

NOTE: The author plans to write four subsequent books

  • The Ayurveda Solution for Autoimmune Disorders
  • The Ayurveda Solution for Menopause and Aging
  • The Ayurveda Solution for Stress and Adrenal Fatigue
  • The Ayurveda Solution for Mental Wellbeing


Jackie Christensen:
Jackie Christensen Ph.D. (Watsonville, CA) is an Ayurveda Health Consultant and owner of Practice Ayurveda. In addition to her private practice in Santa Cruz, she teach classes at Cabrillo College and Mount Madonna Institute of Ayurveda, and also serves as a faculty member for the Northern Star Academy of Holistic Studies and Kingdom College of Natural Health. Christensen previously served as a faculty member for the Global College of Natural Medicine and Vancouver Island College of Natural Wellness from 2005-2012, where she trained students to become nutritional consultants, herbalists, and holistic health practitioners. Christensen graduated from Mount Madonna Institute of Ayurveda Master program and earned a Ph.D. in Natural Medicine from the Global College of Natural Medicine. Christensen's passion is integrating natural health and education to help people understand how they can improve their unique mind-body type; she believes that people can make simple changes to their diet and lifestyle to eliminate the root cause of disease and heal the body. Her goal as a holistic health provider is to reinvigorate the body and remove toxins that are blocking vital energy; aid the body in its natural course toward healing; assess the whole person, not just the symptoms and search for the underlying causes for imbalance. Christensen believes that humans are individuals and each one is influenced by a multitude of factors including diet, exercise, genetics, attitudes and spiritual beliefs. Everyone is unique and each illness reflects an issue that is exclusive to that person. She is committed to using a wide variety of healing modalities and lifestyle options to help people utilize their internal resources, begin the healing process, and strengthen the mind, body, spirit connection. The author lives and works in the Santa Cruz metro area.|||Pat Crocker (Neustadt, Ontario CA) is the author of 18 cookbooks and a culinary herbalist with more than 1.25 million books in print. She was honored twice by the International Herb Association’s Professional Award, and also received the 2009 Gertrude H. Foster award from the Herb Society of America for Excellence in Herbal Literature. Her books, The Juicing Bible and The Vegan Cook’s Bible (both published by Robert Rose) have won “Best in the World” awards from the International Gourmand Culinary Guild.The past president of both the Ontario Herbalists’ Association and Home Economics Associations, Pat actively participates in the Herb Society of America, the International Herb Association, the International Association of Culinary Professionals, Cuisine Canada, and the Culinary Historians of Canada. The author lives and works in Neustadt, Ontario, Canada.