Healthy and tasty cooking for children

Healthy and tasty cooking for children

An essential guide to feed our children in the correct way

Ariel Honigman


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An essential guide to feed our children in the correct way
To keep our children healthy and with a suitable weight, we must encourage them to have good eating habits. We as parents must provide the example ever since they are children: offering a good variety of foods and being patients with our children while they get used to them, eating with all the family gathered at the table, including nutritious foods in school lunches, etc.
This book contains the following topics:
Advice for parents
Suitable recipes
Risks of obesity in children
With this book you will learn to prepare healthy food for children , to cook delicious recipes as well as to learn information on the composition of foods.
Download this book now and start to practice new recipes and to encourage your children to have an interest for healthy food.
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