Growing Flowers

Growing Flowers

Everything You Need to Know About Planting, Tending, Harvesting and Arranging Beautiful Blooms (Gardening Book for Beginners, Flower Arranging)

Niki Irving


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The reader will put down the book armed with the following:

  1. The knowledge of the tools needed to get started.
  2. The understanding of soil types and necessary soil preparations.
  3. The confidence to grow gorgeous flowers.
  4. The ability to grow a variety of flowers.
  5. The knowledge of how to keep their gardens organic if they would like to do so.
  6. The ability to plant from either seeds or seedlings.
  7. Basic knowledge about how to create beautiful flower bouquets. 


Niki Irving:

Niki Irving is a co-owner of Flourish Flower Farm. After years of working in education and outdoor education, she finally turned the dream of becoming a Farmer-Florist into reality. As the daughter of a landscaper and tree farmer, you could say that her love of plants was inevitable. Niki loves growing, nurturing and creating beauty. She currently resides in Asheville, North Carolina.

You can learn more about Flourish Flower Farm here: