Sacred Codes in Times of Crisis

Sacred Codes in Times of Crisis

A Channeled Text for Living the Gift of Conscious Co-Creation

Naomi Fay, Nathalie Moutia


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Manifest a New World for Yourself and Others

Our day to day choices, made individually, affect our culture and societal structures as a whole. With this in mind, Sacred Codes in a Time of Crisis guides you through an extraordinary program of self-realization and empowerment to access your creative potential and manifest your dreams.

Learn the art of true, conscious creation. We spend our lives searching for things that we think will make our lives better, more abundant, loving and fulfilling. Yet, as we take part in our day-to-day busy lives, we often get sidetracked from our truest dreams and desires. Instead of creating the life that we have always dreamed of, we get lost in an endless series of events where we are often unprepared, reactionary, and less tolerant. In order to create with consciousness, to manifest our soul’s wishes into reality, we need to believe there is a greater part of ourselves that is able to guide us, so that we can live our dreams by loving ourselves unconditionally.

Embrace change and transform alongside our interdependent, constantly changing world. If we want to stay up to date in an accelerated technological world, we need to adapt and be willing and open to learning new ways of communicating and inter-relating with ourselves and the world around us.

In Sacred Codes in a Time of Crisis, spiritual leaders Naomi Fay and Nathalie Moutia teach you:

  • The interconnected nature of all things and the universal truth of oneness
  • Awareness exercises and meditations to support the creation process
  • Channeled text and wisdom teachings to aid conscious co-creation

Readers of self-realization and spiritual development books like Becoming SupernaturalAdvanced Manifesting, or Attunement will be inspired and encouraged by the words of wisdom in Sacred Codes in a Time of Crisis.


Naomi Fay:

As a progressive educator and spiritual leader, Naomi has created programs and courses, hosted an online Internet radio show for adults and young people that unite mind, body and spirit.  As an ordained Interfaith Minister, and founder of a non-profit spiritual organization, Naomi has performed various ceremonies for people throughout her career.

Naomi has over 14 years of experience and training in the spiritual development field and has taken part in various healing modality trainings and programs which include The New Seminary, a 2-year seminary in NYC; Violet Alchemy Healing by Amazjhi Anjelique Kumara; and the Universal Rays Healing, Masters Way & Open to Channel course by Ineasa Mabu’Ishtar.

Trained is in Conflict Resolution, Peace Education & Multicultural Education with the Resolving Conflict Creatively Program (RCCP) and Educators for Social Responsibility (ESR) in New York City, Naomi participated at the United Nations Commission for the Status of Women annual conference.  She has over 9 years experience in local government where she was the right hand to the City Manager as the Executive Assistant in Newburgh, NY and holds a bachelor of arts degree in Journalism from the State University of New York, New Paltz where she covered the local state legislature in Albany, NY as a local beat reporter.     

Her greatest gift and inspiration is being a mother of three. Naomi lives in the Hudson Valley, New York.


For more than two decades, Nathalie has been on the path of self-development, learning how to become a clear channel, through words of wisdom and artwork. Nathalie has trained with Ineasa Mabu’Ishtar, gifting a French translation and teaching the Master Ways, Open to Channel and the Universal Ray. Many other teachers have crossed her way, Qala, Aminya, Zeo, Gabriela Gomes, Amma and many others. Nathalie is a Reiki Master, Universal Rays Healing Teacher and Metamorphose Practitioner.

Nathalie has a bachelor’s degree in Business and Administration from the University of Geneva. Throughout her career, she has worked in many sectors, such as Banking, Pharmaceutical and Client Services, in global and multinational English-speaking organizations.

Nathalie is co-founder of a healing space called IaM Light of Love, that provides, healing support and teaching modules to help their clients transform their lives.

Nathalie is also the grateful mother of three children and she currently lives in Switzerland/Europe.