Just Random Thoughts

Just Random Thoughts

Shajuana Franklin


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Just Random Thoughts

Just Random Thoughts is a book of mini short stories that anyone can relate to. When you think about the title "No More Promises," it will give you a feeling like no more. Whether you're a man or woman and been in a relationship and did all you can to make it work. Just Random Thoughts is the book for many people who have dealt with love, heartache, trust, just to name a few. This book will give you the strength to say either "I love you" or "I wish you all the best." You will not be disappointed once you open up the book. You will be drawn into each short story and will feel like you can relate to this. Just Random Thoughts would make you regain your self-love, confidence, and, most importantly, self-respect back. This book will give you many different feelings. You will feel love, sorrow, but with the "Aww, she/he found true love," etc.