An Eye-Opening Experience

An Eye-Opening Experience

Pastor Dennis Carr


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I wrote this book as a wake-up call for anyone who wants a better easier life. It addresses physical health, what to do and what not to do to keep our bodies healthy and working properly. It takes a hard look at our mental health. What are we thinking throughout the day? Are we even aware of our thoughts? This all ties into our spiritual health. Are we focused on the world and the world's problems, or are we focused on God as Jesus instructed us to do? We are to pray without ceasing and understand Jesus's main objective and what his real message was for mankind.

Why are we being kept in the dark about the most important things that make up our life? We need to straighten out our thinking and begin to understand how our bodies work and focus inwardly and seek God and all the attributes that come from being one with God. Together, let's question what we've been told, reprogram our thinking, and pass these simple principles that Jesus was trying to tell us onto our kids and grandkids.