The July Revolution

The July Revolution

Barcelona 1909

Leopoldo Bonafulla


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  • While the events in Spain in July 1909 are frequently alluded to in English-language histories, the treatments have been largely schematic, functioning either to set the stage for later events like the dictatorship and the Spanish Civil War or as a backdrop for the biography of its most famous participant, Francisco Ferrer.
  • This book tells the whole story, from immediate precursors to and causes of the uprising to the political aftermath. Ferrer has his place, in several chapters, but this is the first full history in English.
  • The history itself—eye-witness and impassioned, originally published in 1910—and Yeoman’s lengthy and measured Introduction make for a wonderful combination. A stirring read with academic rigor.


Leopoldo Bonafulla:

Leopoldo Bonafulla was the pseudonym of the Catalan anarchist Joan Baptista Esteve. He was part of the militant Avenir Group, which published a newspaper of the same name, and edited the newspaper El Productor and collaborated on El Rebelde and La Revista Blanca. He took part in, and was imprisoned for, the events of the Spain’s “Tragic Week” of 1909. Soon after, he participated in the founding congress of the CNT labor union and went on to become a major figure in Spanish anarcho-syndicalism. He died in 1922.