Divine Words of Love Book 3 in the Divine Series

Divine Words of Love Book 3 in the Divine Series

Phillip Novella, Melissa Brady


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Presenting the series of “Divine Words” encompassing original poetry, creative journals and artwork. A traditional style of metered and rhyme poems known as ‘New Formalism”. The Poetry in the Divine Series is written with the belief of intervention of divine guidance channelled through the authors. Phillip and Melissa are both Funeral Home operators with years of experience with Death, Grief and Love and whom both share charismatic spiritual gifts and a deep faith that we are not alone. The poems are based on intention for a message and to express a universal human emotional experience based on life’s differing challenges and journeys. The series covers; Love, Death, Darkness, Spirit, Empaths and Twin flame poetry. The authors decided to share their years of writing when they encountered what seemed to be different emotional responses from those reading or listening to the poetry. Many of the poems have been read at funerals and gatherings and have provided comfort and understanding to those needing it the most. Inspiration and connectedness to those that spiritually guide us is what the authors wish for the reader to experience, to delve into the deeper meaning behind the divine words to find comfort, validity, expression and universal connection.


Phillip Novella: