Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry

Joan Dunham


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My reasons for writing this book grew from the current state of social behavior (peer pressure) among our children. Sometimes we don't recognize that things that may seem simple or small to one person are a big issue to someone else. We should be more accepting of others' differences or preferences.

We also have to recognize that today, it may take two parents working from home or outside of the home to support the family household. Therefore, the parents have to trust that the older siblings will watch and care for the younger siblings.

My older siblings cared for the three little kids (which included me) when my mother had to make a living for our family. Once she left for work, there was no vehicle around. We lived out in the country thirty minutes away from any hospital, so my siblings were given a lot of responsibility.

We were raised to go to church every Sunday, rain or shine. We really didn't have an excuse for not going to church since the church was at the top of the hill, and it took less than five minutes to walk there. It was at that little country church we learned to accept people for who they were and how to treat others within church.

I believe if we teach our children love and respect for themselves as well as others, we can eliminate bullying. In the Christian faith, all that is asked of us is that we be obedient to God's Word and that we love one another.