Spies and Diplomats

Spies and Diplomats

Spanish Intelligence Service in the Eighteenth Century

Cezary Taracha


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This book is a comprehensive work on the covert operations of the Spanish secret services throughout the 18th century. It is the fruit of a thorough study of what is known today as the intelligence cycle. The Spain of the 18th century, despite its decline on the European scene, continued to be a geopolitical actor on a global scale. The book presents in detail aspects such as obtaining information, its analysis or the financing of espionage networks.


Cezary Taracha:

Professor Cezary Taracha is a Polish historian and Hispanist. He is the Head of the Department of the Spanish World, Politics and International Relations in the Institute of History at the Catholic University of Lublin. He is a renowned expert on Spanish inteligence services of the 18th century. In 2008 he organized the "In times of war and peace. Espionage as an instrument of state policy." international conference in Lublin.