The Cornerstone

The Cornerstone

Brenda J. Scruggs


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The Cornerstone is a children's book about a little girl who fortuitously gained information that would forever help her in her walk with God. Marie and her mother, who is a single parent, lived with her mother's parents. They lived alone and had a room in their home for Marie and her mother.

Marie's mother worked a lot and occasionally had to travel out of town and leave Marie behind. Like some children, Marie didn't like being left behind but there was nothing she could do. She often stood and wondered, when her mother pulled away, about the experiences she could have had if she had been allowed to go.

Marie's grandfather was a wise old Christian gentleman and had a lot of knowledge to share. Being inquisitive, as most children are, gained Marie some valuable information. Whenever her grandfather spoke with his deep bass voice she listened to him. Making sure that she understood completely, she felt comfortable sharing what she had learned with others and anxiously awaited a time to share. When children are shy about talking, they are more likely to have a desire to speak up when they feel knowledgeable about a topic.

Dr. Scruggs has had a lifelong interest in educating not only her own children but others as well. The Cornerstone may be read by an adult to a child so that questions can be answered and other nuggets of truth can be given or it may be read by the child. The book was written with the hope that children will gain a clear understanding of the importance of God in our life.

This book could also be used as a read-aloud. The book has illustrations that could enhance the meaning of the book's content. When the book is read, the pictures can be shown and discussed. It is my prayer that The Cornerstone will be a great blessing to all who read it.