The Heroes of Winterbury

The Heroes of Winterbury

Monique Bousquin


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n the land of Winterbury, the people adored the wise and beautiful Queen Josephine, but no one more than her husband, King Edmund. Their abounding love seemed to grow with each passing day, which is why Josephine’s sudden death in a hurricane tears Edward apart. Princess Leighanna tries picking up the pieces, but her father just isn’t the same.

The biggest concern is the king’s sudden dependency on Royal Advisor Frances. She has worked for the royal family since Leighanna’s birth, but this frightening woman now seems hungry for power with Josephine out of the way. By inciting discord between Winterbury and a neighboring island, Frances could destroy the entire kingdom.

Now, the princess must find help in stopping Frances from ruining both the king and his legacy. She needs the help of brave friends and maybe a bit of luck to stand up to evil and fight for good as her mother would have wanted.


Monique Bousquin:

Monique Bousquin has been writing since she was a kid growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She strongly believes that young readers thrive from seeing characters who look, love, and live as they do. It is her hope that children of all backgrounds can see themselves in her characters and feel welcome in the world of Winterbury.