Moonlight Secrets

Moonlight Secrets

Laura Lukasavage


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When Amberly walks into the forbidden forest, like so many times before, she doesn't expect her whole world and life to change. Having a run-in with a wolf can be a scary thing for anyone, but would you find it more terrifying if you could communicate telepathically with one? And what if you were the only one who could? What if that wolf told you there were things about your life that you didn't know? Would you take the chance and risk everything to get answers?

While dealing with her new life and all the secrets in it, Amberly is also trying to sort through the hidden feelings she has for her best friend, Logan, who might just be feeling the same. What if you had to choose between the one person who's known you your whole life and been there for you through it all, and someone who you barely know? But what if that person you barely know showed you a world you never knew anything about and woke something inside of you that made you come to life? If you had to choose, what would you do?

From having your father come back from the dead to almost dying not once but twice, there's no shortage of drama, suspense, secrets, lies, betrayal, love, and friendship in Amberly's journey.