The Final Chapter

The Final Chapter

An absolutely gripping psychological thriller with a jaw-dropping twist

Jerome Loubry


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Whatever you do, DON'T give away that ending...

"Terribly addictive" * * * * *

Three good friends.

One tragic summer.
A book that tells it all.

"A tremendously compelling page-turner" * * * * *

When little Julie goes missing in summer 1986, David and Samuel share the terrible secret of her disappearance. Thirty years later, David has become a famous author and Samuel his publisher. Both receive identical manuscript chapters telling the story of what really happened that tragic summer.

Chapter after chapter, the author reveals their darkest secrets. They know the book will end with its 12th chapter. A race against time begins: will David and Samuel expose the mysterious author's identity before he exposes them? And did one of them kill Julie?


Jerome Loubry:
Born in 1976, Jerôme Loubry grew up in a village famous for its book printing business. His aunt, who worked there, made sure he grew up surrounded by books. After working in London for many years, Jerôme moved to the South of France, where he still lives and works.