Representing Radicals

Representing Radicals

A Guide for Lawyers and Movements

Tilted Scales Collective


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  • As social movements grow, so inevitably do arrests and state repression of various sorts. The world is heating up (literally and figuratively) and there will be an increasing number of people interested in this book, including defendants, lawyers, legal workers, supporters, and the general public.
  • Their previous book was a modest hit in movement circles (unfortunately, mostly through channels that were unlikely to register on BookScan) and we feel that a proper release with solid distribution will expand their readership dramatically.
  • The authors arguments are bolstered by numerous sidebars featuring the experience and advice of practicing lawyers.
  • Release events with the National Lawyers Guild are being planned.


Tilted Scales Collective:

The Tilted Scales Collective—Jenny Esquivel, Jude Ortiz, and J.B.— works with radical defendants and movement lawyers to fight state repression. They are anarchist legal workers who have spent years organizing in solidarity with defendants fighting their charges and with prisoners fighting for their dignity and lives. Their organizing has included being part of defense committees for defendants facing state repression, conducting webinars and trainings for groups of defendants, and collaborating with other groups to engage the criminal legal system in ways that can advance radical struggles. They are the author of A Tilted Guide to Being a Defendant.