The Best Green Bay Football Baby Names

The Best Green Bay Football Baby Names

Dr. Jon Kester


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In Wisconsin you do not become a Green Bay packer fan you are born a packer fan. All good new born packer fans need a name that represents the green and gold. This book will give you loads of ideas of what to name your new little cheese head. The author leaves no stone unturned to find your new baby the perfect name. In fact, Dr. Kester looked at every player from the very first team in 1919, through the Lombardi years and the dark years of the 1970s and 1980s then the return to glory years under Brett Favre up to the present with Aaron Rodgers.. These names may be from Hall of Fame players like Don Hutson or may come from names that just have a nice ring to them like Desmond Bishop. This book will also have names to stay away from, either because of the players negative reputation such as Tony Mandarich or maybe because the name does not roll of the tongue well such as Gbaja-Biamila. One thing is for sure this book will make sure your child’s packer name will not live in infamy.


Dr. Jon Kester:
Dr. Jon Kester was born in Wisconsin Rapids in 1979, though not named after any Packers he right out of the whom was a fan of all sports in the Great State of Wisconsin. This included at the time a not so great Green Bay Packers teams of the 1980s. Dr. Kester recalls as a boy being made fun of for wearing a Packer jacket on the school bus. Lucky for Jon Kester the 80s ended sooner than later and soon the whole bus was wearing Packer clothing. During the 1990s, Dr. Kester started his now massive collection of Green Bay Packer memorabilia. This includes rare one of a kind items like, a Curley Lambeau autographed photo and Donald Driver’s neon sign from his TV show. As an adult, Kester formed a great love and aspiration for the Packers amazing history and did everything he could to learn about the players and coaches that made the team great. After getting a master’s degree in sports administration Dr. Kester had only one place he wanted to work and that was Lambeau Field, he was lucky to get hired in 2008. During his 15 plus years of living and working in Green Bay, Jon has met many people named after Packer players. In fact a baby named Aaron Rodgers is what inspired him to write this book. Kester does not only have a love for the Packers but also babies more specifically his own three babies which he may or may not name after Packer players. Besides the Green Bay Packers and Kids Dr. Kester also has a love for writing and has published five other books. Kester is constantly working on his next great book so more will be coming soon!