The Adventures of Benji Bunny

The Adventures of Benji Bunny

And the Golden Nuggets

Grandpa Ken


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The adventures of Benji Bunny are told through the bedtime stories of Grandpa Ken to his wide-eyed grandchildren, Calum and Emma.
Benji Bunny is a magical character who has incredible powers that allow him to time travel through time and space, taking Calum and Emma on an incredible journey to meet his magical friends.
In this book, Benji introduces Calum and Emma to his magical friend, Magnus the leprechaun while travelling on a magic carpet on a fun-filled journey, where children will learn the magic word “Chipanto” to take their imaginations sky high.


Grandpa Ken:
At the start of the millennium, Ken Grummitt became Grandpa Ken with the birth of his first grandchild, Calum, in April 2000, followed by his second grandchild, Emma, in 2002. The summer family holidays in Portugal were wonderful times when Grandpa Ken would make up imaginative stories involving his character, Benji Bunny. The stories would have Calum and Emma enthralled. He would now like to share these stories for future generations to enjoy.