There’s a Thought

There’s a Thought

A Conscious Journey

Paul Phillips


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This is a conscious and spiritual journey from our Humble beginnings through our evolution. How we perceive ourselves and how we have had to adapt to our changing world. The realization we have to take care of our home planet, learning how to go to other worlds for our future survival. To take on the great challenges to bridge the great distances to the stars! More importantly how to transform ourselves and our understanding of our place in the Universe. To become Cybermen and be bio-enhanced with the unavoidable destination to becoming “Gods” We will return home whence we came. To understand even as Mortals we are still connected to the Gods, the universal consciousness that is a collective one from our deep past, henceforth the spirit of them is the spirit of us! Th e Paranormal to some extent is “Normal” it just has to be understood, the unknown is just the undiscovered, more so in ourselves? This book is our journey. Only those who go so far Can possibly find how Far They can go.