Dementia Home Care

Dementia Home Care

How to Prepare Before, During, and After

Tracy Cram Perkins


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Dementia caregivers cope with repetitive questions, mood swings, lost personal space, and live with exhaustion, frustration, and anger. You may not know how to prepare.


Dementia Home Care covers:

  • Life hacks like camouflaging doors to prevent wandering, or “mom” bags for life’s little emergencies and what to stock in it for road trips
  • Distraction Techniques—Nursery Rhymes, warm blankets, food
  • Hoarding—Thinning “collections” during sleep periods, removing trash completely from premises, canceling subscriptions, blocking shopping channels
  • Information needed by emergency medical personnel—what is needed on a medication list, and list of physical ailments
  • Working with your Pharmacist—drug interaction checks
  • Memory Aids—memory boards, memory books, flash cards
  • Powers of Attorney—Power of Attorney Health Care, Durable Power of Attorney
  • Death—Contacting the Credit Bureaus to add a Death Watch when a family member dies, reporting a death to Social Security, obtaining death certificates
  • Distinguishing the difference between a hallucination and delusion
  • Address the empty nester experience after the loss of a loved one—to a nursing facility or to death


These are a few of the skills and tips covered in Dementia Home Care. While these tools will not stop dementia, they may ease your pain—and these skills can be taught to anyone.  Whether you read from cover to cover or are a page-fanner, Dementia Home Care will help you maintain your humor and your emotional connection with your loved one longer.


The purpose of Dementia Home Care is to help you look back with pride and joy.



Tracy Cram Perkins:

Tracy Cram Perkins’s twelve plus years of experience care giving for two parents with dementia provided the nucleus of Dementia Home Care.


This guide grew from the questions presented by family members and friends overwhelmed by the caregiving challenges with their family member(s) or friends and the frustration of not being able to find the care giver hands-on answers in one book.

Tracy and her husband reside on Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula.