Big Dog Small Dog

Big Dog Small Dog

Make Your Dog Happier By Being Understood

Selina McIntyre


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Make your dog happier by being understood

Learning how to communicate with your dog will lead you and your canine companion to a lifetime of happiness.

Dog behaviour expert Selina McIntyre uses a natural and direct method, helping humans understand how dogs deal with things like fear, change and anxiety. Big Dog Small Dog is packed with practical advice and natural ways to understand your dog's world: what they really want from their daily walk, what they think about children, and the truth about dog parks ...

Owning a dog is a huge responsibility and the more we prepare for such a major life decision, the more we empower ourselves. With the right signals, you'll soon be able to understand and speak your dog's language, helping you cement the foundations of a lasting and positive relationship.


Selina McIntyre:

Selina McIntyre runs a dog behavioural consultancy called Dogs Best Friend, in Waikato, New Zealand. Her study of animal behaviour began as a teenager, working with lion cubs at a wildlife park. She has a Bachelor of Applied Animal Technology, and strives to bring long-term happiness to every dog she encounters. She lives with her family, her two border terriers, Trev and Lily, and a mostly tolerant black and white moggy, Isobelle.