Zac's Game Plan

Zac's Game Plan

Ewan Fowles


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This book dives into the challenges young people may have with disabilities. No matter what you face in life or the challenges it brings you, stay strong and never give up on your dreams.

Some people are born with disabilities and other times it can come later on in life, either way, it should never stop you from chasing what you believe in.

This book also focus’s on the effects of bullying and showing you the benefits of not letting bullies bring you down. Zac is a strong willed young man who loves football and dreams to play for the AFL but not without some struggles along the way


Ewan Fowles:
My name is Ewan. I’m 20 years old. I was born with CP also known as cerebral palsy. CP is a disability that means I spend the majority of my time in a wheelchair. Because of this, I have found that I am stared at and scrutinised a lot by the public for looking a little bit different.

I have the same ideas and thoughts as most others my age. I enjoy watching football, going out with friends and listening to music. I have the same interests and conversations as everyone else, and I’m tired of being treated differently just because of my disability.

I have started a company called ‘Ewaneye Presentations’. My aim is to educate school children of all ages about different disabilities, and how they can help to make those individuals lives a little easier. I believe in a ‘don’t walk away, come say hey’ approach. I hope to bridge the social gap between those with disabilities and those without.

When I was asked to write this book for Carers WA, I jumped at the opportunity. It has meant that I’m not only able to share my voice and passion, but also share my first hand experience.

I hope you enjoy the book as much as I have writing it!