Living in Color

Living in Color

Tova Raeburn


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After facing a series of complex challenges in her life, Tova Raeburn ultimately realized that colors are full of life lessons and have the power to transform moods and emotions. Today, while happily existing in a world of color, she shares eight coaching and art exercises to help others see themselves in new ways. While using color and art as an inspiration to view life in a new way, Tova relies on her experience as a life coach and artist to lead others on a journey inward where personal growth is encouraged through positive change, different perspectives, and a willingness to see the endless possibilities. Through the creation of a personal color wheel and seven other art exercises, Tova invites others to embrace: gratitude and abundance, remember that attitude is a choice, view the pie of our lives, create values and boundaries, be present and mindful, build strengths, practice forgiveness, and move forward. Living in Color is an uplifting guide that utilizes art exercises and insight to lead others on a reflective journey inward to discover what is important and then create a fulfilling life.


Tova Raeburn:
Tova Raeburn is a life coach and artist whose love of art began in early childhood. She holds a degree in psychology and a certification in coaching. Tova is a proud mother and grandmother. Living in Color is her first book.