A Medical Murder Mystery

Amy S. Peele


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What do politics, living donor kidney transplants, and the current opioid crisis all have in common?
Sarah Golden and Jackie Larsen, best friends since nursing school, could never have imagined that they’d end up as amateur sleuths searching to find a killer—for the second time! Jackie, a stay-at-home mom with marriage troubles, is racing the clock to get her young son, Wyatt, a living kidney donor to avoid the ravages of dialysis. Sarah, who has been living her career in the fast-paced world of organ transplantation, is helping expedite Wyatt’s kidney transplant. Then a much-despised hospital colleague turns up dead of an opiate overdose—despite the fact that she’d never used drugs—and Sarah smells foul play. Her curiosity and tenacity pull Jackie, once again, into a life-and-death adventure that neither woman could have expected.
Armed with smarts, tenacity, big hearts, and their raucous senses of humor, the pair gets the help of a few colorful friends to pursue the killer and take on the mission in the only style they both know how: straight on and arm-in-arm as the friends they’ve always been.


Amy S. Peele:
Amy Peele grew up and went to nursing school in Chicago area, where she practiced transplant nursing for 35 years. She moved to San Francisco in 1985 to follow her transplant career and retired from UCSF in 2014 as Director of Clinical Operations, overseeing more than 600 organ transplants annually. Amy loves to swim, teach chair yoga, meditate, and kill the people she doesn’t like in the pages of her books. Not to worry—she’s a transplant professional, so she makes use of all of the organs from her victims. Amy was recently elected to the Novato City Council, where she’s discovering a new population of folks that may find their way into becoming her literary victims.