The Wisdom of a Broken Heart

The Wisdom of a Broken Heart

Lars Muhl


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In this gift book from renowned spiritual teacher Lars Muhl we learn that the vast majority of us will experience emotional pain in our lives but that it's possible to use that pain as a unique opportunity for spiritual growth. The perfect book for improving your self-care or as a gift for someone you love.

The Wisdom of a Broken Heart is a beautifully designed hardback gift book with profound content that draws on Lars Muhl's many years of spiritual studies and experiences. In a time when we as humans are being challenged in many ways, Lars stresses that it is through the pain suffered by so many of us, and by understanding the deeper meaning of that pain, that we are given a unique opportunity for a breakthrough at the spiritual plane.

Arranged in verse form, the book contains the essence of the secret teachings taught by Yeshua (Jesus) the Nazarene and Mariam (Mary) Magdalene 2,000 years ago. Over the years, the teachings have been revealed in fragments and scattered glimpses; this book now creates a synthesis of the beautiful wisdom of the complete human being. Topics range from the profound energetic exchange that occurs between two lovers (with visualizations to meet Yeshua if you identify as a woman or Mariam if you identify as a man), to using mantras, song and dance in order to reach divine awareness, to numerology and other symbolism. Ultimately, this is a complete guide to living the Law of Light for the benefit of yourself and the wider world.

As Lars says: "We are all potential healers, and if there is anything the world needs right now, it is exactly healers."


Lars Muhl:
Lars Muhl is a Danish author, mystic and musician. Like Paulo Coelho, he was for many years a successful singer/songwriter who, concurrently with his music, studied esoteric knowledge. Then in 1996, he was struck down by an unexplained illness that neither doctors nor alternative therapists could diagnose. For three years he lay in bed without being able to move or think straight. Through a close friend's intervention, Lars was put in touch with a seer who, via the telephone, brought him back to life. That was the start of a completely new existence and the beginning of that quest he has so grippingly described in his trilogy The O Manuscript.