Superconducting Materials and Their Applications

Superconducting Materials and Their Applications

An interdisciplinary approach

Professor Dr Jatinder Vir Yakhmi


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The applications of superconducting materials have the potential to change our world, but descriptions of superconductivity in literature tend to be complex for non-physicists. This text provides an accessible account of superconductivity and its applications for an interdisciplinary readership.

This book covers the characteristics of superconducting materials, particularly those with commercial applications, including MRI, MEG, high-field magnets, magnetometers, gradiometers, SQUID sensors and Josephson junctions. The applications and concepts are discussed at a level suitable for those with a basic background in physics, without using complex mathematics.

This is a valuable reference text for researchers and practitioners working with devices made from superconducting materials. The text also acts as useful supplementary reading for courses related to superconductivity and superconducting materials.

Key Features

  • Highly practical and focuses on the applications of superconducting materials
  • Wide, interdisciplinary audience including materials scientists, engineers, chemists, medics and biotechnologists
  • Clear, and readable style


Professor Dr Jatinder Vir Yakhmi:

Jatinder V Yakhmi is a Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences of India. During his illustrious career of 45 years at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, he contributed 450 research papers in International journals, including 65 reviews/book chapters. Of these, 140 have been on different aspects of superconductors. He also co-edited a book on thallium cuprate superconductors in 1994. He continues to be a popular speaker and has delivered 150 invited seminars in reputed international labs, and about 50 at international conferences. His work is well-cited, with a h-index of 50.