Everyday Law for Actors

Everyday Law for Actors

Robert Woods


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Everyday Law for Actors is a resource and reference book, providing both professional working actors, and those who aspire to be, with clear, easy-to-read information about the everyday laws they need to know.

The book is intended for actors just starting out, for those who have been making a living at acting for a long time, and for every actor in between. All actors can benefit from knowing more about the everyday law that affects their trade. Even well-established "stars" with a full team of lawyers, agents, managers, and business managers will still find this book useful because they can learn all about that "legalese" and "business mumbo jumbo" that maybe they never fully understood.

Everyday Law for Actors features short chapters, numerous examples of legal principles in plain, understandable language, practical explanations about contract provisions and how to negotiate them, and useful and concise information about actors' unions, working with agents and managers, employment laws, landlord-tenant laws, and more.

Actors are artists. But actors must also be smart business people. They don’t call it "show business" for nothing. With this book in hand, actors will be much better prepared to work the "business" side of "show business," and will have easy reference in one manageable volume to the wide variety of legal information they need to advance their careers.


Robert Woods:

Robert Woods is the director of the University of Arizona Law Program at Ocean University of China School of Law and Professor of Practice. He previously taught entertainment law at the Los Angeles Film School, the University of Oklahoma College of Law, and Oklahoma City University School of Law. Before teaching, Woods was an entertainment lawyer in Beverly Hills, California, a producer of award-winning films for television, and producer/director of more than a dozen theater productions in Los Angeles