Jewish Folktales from Morocco

Jewish Folktales from Morocco

Tales of Seha the Sage and Seha the Clown

Marc Eliany


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Seha, the traditional wise man-fool in Jewish Morocco is a popular fictional hero in simple yet rich tales, playful yet witty enough to provide life lessons with commitment to social fairness and mutual respect. In this collection of tales, the authors introduce readers to their grandparents and the teaching they imparted. Through humorous Seha tales, the authors transmit deeply engrained Jewish values, accentuated in accompanying socio-historical commentaries which shed light on the evolution of Seha as a popular fictional hero as well as on processes of social change and modernization experienced by Moroccan Jews, who were influenced by movements in three nations that impact their identity, namely Israel, France, and Morocco.


Marc Eliany:

Annette B. Fromm is an associate editor and review editor of the online journal Sephardic Horizons.

Marc Eliany is the chairman and founder of the Jewish Moroccan Museum and Archive.