Thought Experiments

Thought Experiments

History and Applications for Education

Chris Edwards


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Thought experiments do not require a laboratory and need no funding, yet they are responsible for several major intellectual revolutions throughout history. Given their importance, and the way that they immediately engage students, it is surprising that thought experiments are not used more frequently as teaching tools in the academic disciplines. Thought Experiments: History and Applications for Education explains how thought experiments developed and shows how thought experiments can be applied to subjects as varied as theoretical physics, mathematics, politics, personal identity, and ethics. Teachers at all levels and in all disciplines will discover how to use thought experiments effectively in their own classrooms.


Chris Edwards:

Chris Edwards, Ed.D is the author of numerous books with Rowman & Littlefield, has presented his original connect-the-dots teaching method through the National Council for Social Studies, and is a frequent contributor to Skeptic magazine. He teaches AP world history and an English course on critical thinking at a public high school in the Midwest.