Healing Ourselves Whole

Healing Ourselves Whole

An Interactive Guide to Release Pain and Trauma by Utilizing the Wisdom of the Body

Emily A. Francis


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Healing Ourselves Whole will give you the tools you need to clean your emotional house from top to bottom, complete with journal prompts and access to audio meditations for you to listen along to as you read. 

As a trained body worker, Emily Francis offers a refreshing perspective into healing trauma. She reveals unique knowledge of the body as a holder for memory, just like the mind. Emily will lead you on a path deep within yourself to rearrange the ways that pain and trauma have been holding you back from whole body, mind, spirit, and energy healing. You will experience the process of re-birth by healing your child and adolescent self and coming into the present to create the best adult self possible.

This groundbreaking interactive book contains the tools that you will need in order to clean your emotional house from top to bottom. It includes a journal as well as access to audio meditations for you to listen along to as you read. The meditations will help you dig deep into past trauma and discover when and how trauma took root, learn to get in touch with various parts of the physical and energy body, and how to use them to let go of stored traumas. From this, you will learn to live from a new mindful and powerful space.


Emily A. Francis:
Emily A. Francis is a highly sought-after speaker, author, and wellness expert with an array of education and experience. Her knowledge of the body as well as the body/mind connection is extensive and her commitment to total body, mind, and spirit wellness is her driving force. She believes in a whole body, proactive approach to wellness where balance is the key, and kindness paves the way.

Emily is the host of the internet radio show All About Healing on Healthy Life Radio. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Wellness as well as a Master’s of Science in Physical Education with a concentration in Human Performance. She graduated from the Atlanta School of Massage in clinical and neuromuscular massage therapy and went on to specialize through the Dr. Vodder School North America in manual lymphatic drainage and combined decongestive therapy, working specifically with lymphedema. She is a Usui & Karuna Ki Reiki master level practitioner.  

Emily is originally from Atlanta, GA, and currently resides in Malta.