How to Land Your First Million Dollar Listing

How to Land Your First Million Dollar Listing

Jane Bond


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It was March of 2017, and I was about to close one of the biggest deals of my real estate career. This was a volatile deal. These particular buyers had already walked away from the negotiations four times, so nothing was guaranteed at the table, especially my seat, which was always the first to go.

When you are about to close the deal of a lifetime, you are scared to death and somewhat numb. Why? Because you know that at any moment, your life could change financially forevermore. Or the shit could hit the fan and the deal could go right down the drain, along with you finally solidifying yourself as a top dog agent in your market. Then you realize no matter which way the pendulum swings, you have to get up and do this shit all over again, because you’re only as good as your last deal!