Memoirs of a Mortician

Memoirs of a Mortician

An Autobiography with Many Endings

Gary L Sage Sr.


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Gary L. Sage Sr. is a former rodeo cowboy, an air force vet turned mortician, and your tour guide on a journey through a landscape of strange and improbable stories-all of them entertaining, some of them grim, and some of them outright silly, originating in the very necessary field of caring for those who have departed this earth. You will learn that "natural causes" aren't necessarily natural, especially when the Mafia is involved. You'll learn that quick-draw contests using "unloaded" guns are probably best avoided. You'll learn that during mining booms on the western frontier, a popular cause-of-death category was "wore out." Sage is an engaging teller of his unique tales, which stretch across many decades and a number of western-states locations, both urban and remote.