Business Continuity Exercises

Business Continuity Exercises

Quick Exercises to Validate Your Plan

Charlie Maclean-Bristol, MA (Hons), PgD, FBCI, FEPS, CBCI


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An Unexercised Continuity Plan Could Be More Dangerous Than No Plan At All!

Is exercising your continuity program too time-consuming, costly, or difficult to justify in the face of conflicting organizational priorities or senior management buy-in? What if you could use quick, cost-effective, easy exercises to get valuable results with only a relatively modest commitment?

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or just getting started, Charlie Maclean-Bristol provides you with expert guidance, a practical framework, and lots of proven examples, tools, tips, techniques and scenarios to get your business continuity exercise program moving!

You can carry out any of the 18 simple yet effective exercises detailed in this book in less than an hour, regardless of your level of experience. Plus, you will find all the support you will need to produce successful exercises.

Build your teams’ knowledge, experience, confidence and abilities while validating your business continuity program, plans and procedures with these proven resources!

Business Continuity Exercises: Quick Exercises to Validate Your Plan Will Help You To:

  • Understand the process of planning and conducting business exercises efficiently while achieving maximum results.
  • Develop the most appropriate strategy framework for conducting and assessing your exercise.
  • Overcome obstacles to your business continuity exercise program, whether due to budget restrictions, time constraints, or conflicting priorities.
  • Choose the most appropriate and effective exercise scenario, purpose and objectives.
  • Plan and conduct your exercise using a straightforward, proven methodology with extensive tools and resources.
  • Conduct exercises suitable for responding to all types of business interruptions and emergencies, including cyber incidents and civil disasters.
  • Conduct exercises for newcomers to business continuity as well as for experienced practitioners.
  • Create a comprehensive post-exercise report to achieve valuable insights, keep management and participants in the loop, and to further your objectives.


Charlie Maclean-Bristol, MA (Hons), PgD, FBCI, FEPS, CBCI:

Charlie Maclean-Bristol MA (Hons), PgD, FBCI, FEPS, CBCI is a Business Continuity and Crisis Management consultant and founder of an independent resilience consultancy, PlanB Consulting, and a certified training services provider, Business Continuity Training (BCT).

His first experience of contingency planning, training and incident management was as a Captain in the Kings Own Scottish Borders implementing patrols and anti-terrorist operations in Northern Ireland. After leaving the Army he joined Anglian Water as their first Emergency Planning Manager followed by Scottish Power as Business Continuity Manager. He then worked for two consultancies before setting up PlanB Consulting in 2007.

Charlie is a former Business Continuity Institute (BCI) board member and one of the very few Fellows of both the Emergency Planning Society and the Business Continuity Institute. In 2011, he was awarded Business Continuity Consultant of the year at the CIR awards and in 2018 he was BCI European Awards - Personality of the Year.

He has a PgD in Emergency Planning and Disaster Management from the University of Hertfordshire. He teaches Resilience, Continuity, and Crises Management at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Charlie has contributed to the last three editions of the BCI Good Practice Guidelines, developed BCI training courses and a cyber incident management course.