Medical Sexism

Medical Sexism

Contraception Access, Reproductive Medicine, and Health Care

Jill B. Delston


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Doctors routinely deny patients access to hormonal birth control prescription refills, and this issue has broad interest for feminism, biomedical ethics, and applied ethics in general. Medical Sexism argues that such practices violate a variety of legal and moral standards, including medical malpractice, informed consent, and human rights. Jill B. Delston makes the case that medical sexism serves as a major underlying cause of these systemic and persistent violations. Delston also considers other common abuses in the medical field, such as policy on abortion access and treatment in childbirth. Delston argues that sexism is a better explanation for the widespread abuse of patient autonomy in reproductive health and health care generally. Identifying, addressing, and rooting out medical sexism is necessary to successfully protect medical and moral values.


Jill B. Delston:

Jill B. Delston is associate teaching professor of philosophy at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.