Sweet Maple

Sweet Maple

Backyard Sugarmaking from Tap to Table

Michelle Visser


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Sweet Maple is an instructional book on backyard sugarmaking that’s also the story of one family’s connection to the past on a small New England sugar farm. Throughout its pages, Michelle (the “sugarmaker’s wife”) gives advice on:

  • the 22 different kinds of trees that can be tapped.
  • the process of making syrup, to help you decide what level is right for you.
  • how to make alternative treats, such lilac syrup.
  • the health benefits of maple products, which contain more than 40 antioxidants.
  • substituting processed sugar with all-natural maple syrup in any recipe.
  • the 3 steps to making maple sugar.
  • how to make irresistible maple cream and how to enjoy it.

While learning the art of sugarmaking alongside her husband, Michelle guides readers through every step of all-natural syrup production, with directions for tapping one tree or dozens, while detailing the life-changing benefits of using maple syrup in the kitchen. Interspersed with sugaring techniques, tips, sidebars, and storytelling, Michelle shares more than 30 of her family’s tried-and-true maple recipes—from scones to salads.


Michelle Visser:
Michelle Visser is a homesteader in rural New England. She’s a fourth-generation gardener, a professional photographer, and the owner of SoulyRested.com. Michelle is a popular presenter at homesteading summits, a freelance editor, and is the author of sought-after eBooks and instructional courses about probiotic DIY kombucha and delicious maple sugar and syrup. She lives in New Hampshire’s lakes region.

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