Is Life a Random Walk?

Is Life a Random Walk?

Harold Klemp


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Is life just a random walk? Some analysts think so about the stock markets. Perhaps this bias is a spillover from their take on life. Who knows?
Others, myself among them, say life follows a natural order. It is predictable. While history may not repeat in an exact pattern as to place or time, the present often is a rhyme to past events. What do you think?
Great skeptics and doubters often go farthest on the path to God. Someone may ask, "Is there hope for me? I don't buy this God stuff." No problem, take your time, for all seekers must proceed at their own pace.
But one truth I can give you is the word HU, and the spiritual exercises to find God. Yet the success of these depends upon you. Can you spend a few minutes a day to open your heart to the Holy Spirit? To do the spiritual exercises with love and passion? To give your whole mind and heart to such a self-discipline for a few moments?
If the reply is yes, you are bound to make progress in your quest for the secret laws of life. Today's mysteries will no longer be mysteries tomorrow.
If you have a strong desire to find a better, more direct way to God, read this uplifting booklet. The truth you seek may be at your fingertips.


Harold Klemp: