An Introduction to Plasma Physics and its Space Applications, Volume 2

An Introduction to Plasma Physics and its Space Applications, Volume 2

Volume 2

Luis Conde


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This book is a brief introduction to plasma physics. The book is divided into two parts, focusing initially on molecular collisions, before moving on to examine the physical description of plasmas as a system of interacting particles. Basic concepts are introduced in a simple way and mathematical developments and demonstrations are covered thoroughly. The fundamental processes in a plasma at the atomic and molecular level are discussed, with updated experimental data sets provided. Each chapter concludes with references and commentaries for further insight in the essential points. Two important applications of plasma physics in aerospace technology are introduced in the last chapters: the electric propulsion in space and low-pressure microwave electric discharges, currently denominated multipactor and corona. The book is for master and undergraduate courses in aerospace engineering and physics. It is also aimed at both non-specialists and professionals involved in laboratory testing for space qualification.

Key Features 
  • Self contained introduction to plasma physics
  • Covers molecular processes and interactions of particles as a system
  • Written for master and undergraduate courses


Luis Conde:

Luis Conde is works at the Department of Applied Physics at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. His current interests are basic plasma physics, plasma diagnostics and plasma thrusters for space propulsion.