"I Want To Be ARTIST"

"I Want To Be ARTIST"

Sarah SH Lee


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Sarah SH Lee:
Sarah SH Lee "While putting her own career and social life on hold, Sarah Lee managed to create a special talent and a meaningful life for her severely autistic son." Sarah Lee possesses a Bachelor's degree in Economics. She majored in Business Administration at the University of Malaya, Malaysia. She was a Senior Sales and Marketing Manager in a business software solutions and a telecommunications company. Sarah Lee was extremely successful in attaining numerous high profile corporate clients, bringing the company of one of her employers, from loss to profit in a short period. In a very competitive corporate environment, Sarah Lee's intuitive drive consistently generated the highest level of individual sales whilst recruiting, nurturing and developing the sales team. At the age of 42, Sarah Lee became a widow leaving her to single handedly raise three dependent children; the youngest (Ping Lian Yeak) 10 with severe autism. Only two years later, in 2006, Sarah Lee left her illustrious career behind and uprooted her family from Malaysia to Sydney, Australia. Without a single relative or friend in Sydney, she set off to start their new lives, with an extreme focus to create a meaningful life for her son. Refusing to accept that Ping Lian living in his own world had "no affect"; "no emotion" and would "look right through" her; this brave lady's determination and practice to develop, maintain and live with a positive mental attitude and a happy personality has resulted in this remarkable book of Ping Lian's journey. His success not only as an artist, but as a young man full of emotions who interacts meaningfully with his family is a miraculous testament to his mother's will. "He has matured into an obedient, hard-working and grateful boy," reflects Lee. "He is my good helper at home and when we go shopping." As a business woman; but first and foremost, as a Mother, Sarah Lee's commitment to "feeding the mind and soul" is unceasing. She has a never-ending drive to improve and expand upon her positive outlook; constantly reading and attending seminars. In 2012, she received the "Parent's Certificate of Recognition" from Temple Grandin, for her pioneering efforts in Training The Talent and nurturing the artistic abilities and interests of her son Ping Lian Yeak. Her achievements, chronicled in Ping Lian's uniquely touching story have been noted and acclaimed in various documentaries, text books and news articles throughout this journey. 2005 - Korean Broadcasting System: Savant Syndrome documentary alongside Kim Peek (real Rain Man) and Kodi Lee. 2005 - TV8 Malaysia: Eve's Diary 2006 - United Kingdom Focus Productions Painting the Mind aired on Channel 4, Four Corners, ABC TV Australia, Scandinavia 2008 - EBS Korea: Uncovering the Secret of Childhood 2009 - CNA International and CNA Singapore: Asia's Wonder Kids 2011 - "'Real Reading 3": - English textbook published by PEARSON Longman; Chapter 24- Through the Eye of Love. 2011 - "Adventures in Autism" by the master of motivation, Peter A. LaPorta (USA). 2012 - Positively Remarkable Women - 50 Portraits - by Diane Macdonald 2014 - The Sydney Morning Herald: Ping Lian Yeak: the autistic savant who is a prodigious artist 2016 - "The Prodigy's Cousin: The Family Link Between Autism and Extraordinary Talent" - Joanne Ruthsatz and Kimberly Stephens