Wake up to Hypnosis

Wake up to Hypnosis

Why, When, and How to Use Hypnosis to Reach Your Goals

Barbara Powers MSc BDS


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This book is a simple introduction to hypnotic phenomena. Knowing why, when and how to practise hypnosis may help readers to improve their health, creativity and performance, and above all to find who they really are. This book is specially written for those who for whatever the reason just lost their track in life. This step by step guide will help them to find the light house and the right course again. For easy understanding, I use the metaphor of sailing on stormy seas, to express common life challenges and how to deal with them in a more effective way. We can’t change the weather and life events, but we can learn new skills to stay on course and make confident decisions to find a safe place to wait out the storm. Only this way we can enjoy sailing to the ports of our choice. Self-hypnosis will speed up the process of learning new skills and achieving goals. A few minutes of self-hypnosis a day will help to find out who you are, assess your present position, and determine what need to be changed for you to make confident decisions in a calm way. Just by visualizing what you want will help to bring your dream to reality. As Aladdin said “Your wish is my command.” Now, thanks to many clinicians throughout centuries who believed that our unconscious has the ability to release the resources to be in better control of life events, everyone can learn and benefit from it. In twenty century scientists around the globe just proved to be true.


Barbara Powers MSc BDS:
The book contans two parts. Part I, explains what hynosis is and how professionals use it in medicine, psychology, sport, business. Part II, explain what self – hypnosis is and how everyone can used it to make positive changes in life, from improving confidence, controling emotions, finding inner resources to feet better to increasing daily demands, increase motivation and persistance to reach desire goals.