Ready for Market

Ready for Market

Selling Your Home for Top Dollar

Julie F Sullivan


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If you could pick your greatest challenge to preparing your property to sell, what would it be?
 a) Finding a great Realtor I can trust 
b) Deciding exactly what upgrades and changes to make 
c) Choosing colors and finishes 
e) Organizing and decluttering

This book is written as a guide to help you with any and all of the above tasks associated with selling a home. My background in as a Realtor, House Flipper, and Remodeling Contractor has prepared me to consul sellers in the best and most necessary preparations. People call me from all over the country to walk through their homes, or review their listing photos online. My special skills include a keen eye for the detracting features of a home that may keep it from selling. From pointing out clutter that sellers no longer see, to recommending new countertop materials in the kitchen, I've helped hundreds of homeowners over the years come to terms with what needs to happen to sell their home for the most money in the least amount of time.