Fifty Years of Clinical Holistic Treatment for Parkinson’s

Fifty Years of Clinical Holistic Treatment for Parkinson’s

A Unique Approach

Seiyu Kageyama


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Parkinson’s disease is a typical syndrome that develops from the midbrain and affects every organ in the brain and body. Eventually, it kills you. Western medicine has mostly treated the disease by giving patients dopamine, even though levels are only checked once before a microchip is implanted into the body. Western doctors have not been able to help Parkinson’s patients fully recover. But from a Chinese medicine point of view, everyone has a self-healing functionality to restore health—particularly as it relates to functional disease. In this textbook, the author explains what Parkinson’s disease is, its symptoms, and how to ease its symptoms through Chinese medicine. Through acupuncture and acupoint manipulation, it’s possible to restore a patient’s health. In fact, there are now dozens of Chinese medicine acupuncture universities run by Americans helping ease Parkinson’s symptoms. Discover how acupuncture, acupressure therapy, and ancient Chinese teachings can improve the quality of life for those who suffer from Parkinson’s disease.


Seiyu Kageyama:
SEIYU KAGEYAMA was born in China and is a naturalized citizen of Japan. He has been assiduously trained in internal strength and martial arts and diligently learned Chinese acupuncture from his father, taking a hands-on approach. He has nearly fifty years of experience in clinical treatment.