The Vital Shoulder Complex

The Vital Shoulder Complex

An Illustrated Guide to Assessment, Treatment, and Rehabilitation

John Gibbons


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A comprehensive guide to understanding the complexities of the shoulder and treating shoulder injury and pain

The area of the body we commonly refer to as "the shoulder" is in fact a complex of interconnected systems--bones, tendons, muscle, and joints that together work to move our arms, hands, and fingers. Because the shoulder must trade stability for mobility, it is also one of the weakest joints of the body, which explains why it is one of the most common areas of physical pain; injury located in the shoulder can affect areas throughout the entire body. The Vital Shoulder Complex is designed for anyone interested in understanding, treating, and healing shoulder-related pain. Author and renowned bodyworker John Gibbons explains and illustrates the dynamics of the shoulder complex in ways that are accessible and enlightening. The theory and principles described in this book can assist physical therapists in formulating effective treatment protocols towards quick rehabilitation for their patients. These include:

  •  Differential diagnosis of shoulder pathology
  •  The relationship of the pelvis, the SI joint, and the gluteals to the shoulder complex
  •  Pathologies of the shoulder and cervical spine
  •  Special tests associated with the shoulder complex
  •  Rehabilitation and exercise protocols for the shoulder complex <


John Gibbons:
John Gibbons is a registered osteopath with the General Osteopathic Council in the UK. He works with elite-level athletes in a range of sporting disciplines and serves as osteopath to the Oxford University Boat Club rowing team. An international lecturer in the fields of sports medicine and physical therapy, he offers advanced training in his Bodymaster Method, a unique fusion of therapy techniques that approaches the body as a complex integrated unit. The author lives in Oxford, England.