The Star Book

The Star Book

How to Understand Astronomy

Peter Grego


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See the night sky like you have never seen it before with this all-encompassing guide to astronomy. Learn all there is to know about the layout of the skies, the positions of the main constellations and the names of the brightest stars, so you can become a backyard astronomer in no time at all. With easy-to-use star charts, photographs and observational drawings of objects visible from both hemispheres, The Star Book will take your understanding and enjoyment of stargazing to the next level. Whether you use binoculars or a telescope, or even if you have no optical aid at all, there are enough celestial sights to keep anyone enthralled for a lifetime. The Star Book provides a quick and simple reference to the major stars and constellations, with easy-to-use star charts, finder charts, high-quality images and observational drawings covering the key stars viewable from all over the world. Author Peter Grego, also includes a brief introduction to the history of astronomy, an easy-to-follow explanation of the life-cycle of stars, from ignition to collapse, and information about deep sky objects such as nebulae and globular clusters. This fascinating, attractive and accessible book will become a trusted resource to make sense of the night skies, and is a wonderful gift for anyone with even a passing interest in astronomy.


Peter Grego:
Peter Grego is an astronomy writer and astronomical observer. He is the editor of Popular Astronomy, the magazine of the Society for Popular Astronomy (SPA) and has written a number of books, including Philip's Moon Observer's Guide and Universe and Stargazing. He is a regular contributor to Astronomy Now and BBC Sky at Night magazine. Peter lives in Cornwall.