Patent Searching Made Easy

Patent Searching Made Easy

How to do Patent Searches Online and in the Library

David Hitchcock


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AUDIENCE FOR BOOK: • Inventors looking to protect their ideas. • Developers considering a proposal or submission. • Business owners wanting to expand a product line. • Researchers, educators, and anyone else interested in locating patent records. REASONS TO BUY THIS NEW EDITION: • This is a comprehensive guide to assessing the novelty of an idea and preparing for, conducting, and narrowing patent searches. • The book provides an in-depth explanations of U.S. Patent and Trademark Office practices on inventions, and instructions on comparing your idea to what’s already out there. • It includes the latest search-related resources and implications of the recent first-to-file rules.


David Hitchcock:
David Hitchcock is a physicist and engineer who has worked as a computer consultant on such diverse projects as the MX missile, the Milstar satellite program, and advanced capability torpedoes. He has focused on patent searching and new technology for a number of years. Hitchcock is the inventor of the Home First Shield, a device to protect homes from wildfires.